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Our next Summit will be held on
March 27-29, 2017 in Springfield, Illinois

Our last Summit was held on October 28-30, 2015. 
The speakers' handouts are still available below.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1:00   pm

Intensive: Alive Inside Documentary and Introduction of the Music and Memory Program

5:00   pm

Your Way! How to Find Dignity and Choice in a Nursing Home (visit our web site for more information:


Thursday, October 29, 2015

8:30   am

Plenary: Turnover  Reduction Made Easy: “Keeping the Best” - Lori Porter

11   am

One Home's Journey: Culture Change 101 - Dave Walker, LTC Leadership Coach (additional handouts: Sleep is the Golden Chain and My Typical Day)

11   am

Strategic Planning to Achieve Organizational Cultural Change - Alexander Brown, MBS, PhD, LCSW Friedman Place

11   am

Pain the Fifth Vital Sign - Dr. Chuck Gokoo

11   am

"Knowing the Person" Living with Dementia and "Supporting their Well-Being": A Two-Part Experience! (Part one) - Bill Keane (additional handouts: Session Summary; Top Ten Assessment Form; and Facing the Darkness as Children of Light)

2:30   pm

Plenary: From the Outside In: "Un-homed" in a Dementia Unit - Jim VandenBosch, Terra   Nova Films (See below for more information about Jim and this program)

3:45   pm

Overcoming Resistance to Change: Isn't it obvious? - Dave Walker, LTC Leadership Coach   Sinclair School of Nursing (additional handout: Inspire Change)

3:45   pm

Wound Healing Food for Thought - Dr. Chuck Gokoo, Chief Medical Officer, American   Medical Technologies

3:45   pm

Providing Person Centered Services for the Short Stay Rehab Patient - Lee Moriarty, Quality Therapy Consultation

3:45   pm

"Knowing the Person" Living with Dementia and "Supporting their Well-Being": A Two-Part Experience! (part two) - Bill Keane (handouts are linked to part one of this two-part program)


Friday, October 30, 2015

8:30   am

Recruiting, Interviewing and Evaluating Excellent Employees - Alexander Brown, MBS, PhD,   LCSW Friedman Place

8:30   am

Compassion Fatigue & Burnout in Geriatric Care Manager - Carolyn Peck, University of Illinois Springfield

8:30   am

Life IS a Remarkable Journey: The Power of Life Stories - Cindy DeGroot

8:30   am

Finding Solutions To Frequently Cited Tags in Illinois, Let’s explore F-Tags 314 and 329 - Connie Jensen, IDPH and Lisa Bridwell, Telligen

10:30   am

Culture Change through the Physical Environment: Trends in Senior Living Design - Karen Gulick, Grubbs and Associates

10:30   am

Memories & Mobility: Maintaining Function in the Cognitively Impaired - Theresa Meyer, RehabCare

10:30   am

The Effects of Impersonal Care for Persons Living with Dementia - Jim VandenBosch, Terra Nova Films and Deb Greiner, River Bluff

10:30   am

Can You Hear Me Now? - Dee Mayfield, Mayfield Health Care Seminars


Closing Plenary: Culture Shock: Improving Results by Improving Your Culture - Judy Ryan, Life Works Systems (See below for more information about Judy and this program)


General Plenary:
From the Outside In: “Un-homed” in a Dementia Unit - Jim VandenBosch, Terra Nova

 This presentation will explore how our deeply ingrained and commonly accepted notions of “caregiving” can affect the quality of living for persons who need daily support in a long term care setting.  Changing our perceptions of caregiving might then also help us change the care setting from a work place to a living place, and shift us away from the idea of doing for and move ustoward the deeper and richer work of enabling the individual who needs our assistance.

As part of this exploration, Jim will share his thoughts and reflections on the time he spent living as a “resident” in a dementia unit, and how his experience there helped him understand in a deeper way what is needed to carry out living-centered support for persons who are living with a cognitive disability.   Short video clips will also help illustrate the core issues involved in providing this kind of support.  

Closing Keynote
Culture Shock - Improving Your Results by Improving Your Culture

People are your greatest asset. Knowing how to offer them a compelling and uniquely supportive culture is key to attracting and keeping the best people, building upon their strengths and expanding their human potential. Conference participants leave this powerful presentation understanding the current dilemma underlying disengaged behavior, mediocrity and sabotage and gain insights into the type of systems and culture needed to enhance the healthy development of all people. At this presentation, participants learn about a 7-step process for creating a responsibility-based workplace culture and why it is so important to do.

Judy Ryan founded LifeWork Systems, an award-winning training and consulting company, in 2002. Business owners, educators and community leaders hire Judy Ryan because they want the advantages of an extraordinary workplace culture. They know responsible, conscientious employees help them grow their businesses, stand out in their industry, enhance their reputation and keep customers coming back. Judy is a consultant, trainer, writer, coach, and presenter, with guest appearances on TV and radio. Since 2006, she has a columnEmotional Intelligence in Women’s Journals across the US and since 2012, a column The Extraordinary Workplace in St. Louis Small Business Monthly. Judy’s purpose is to help all people love their lives, including at work.


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